Trail Running at the Bus Loop

3 Reasons to Love Your Outdoor Gear

Trail Running at the Bus Loop

A simple trail, how much gear do you need to enjoy it? Maybe more than you think.

Folks go into the wilderness for simplicity: no house, one outfit to choose from every morning, and only your most basic needs to take care of. Not that meeting those needs is easy; it can be tough to keep yourself fed, warm, and happy when you’re in the outdoors. Continue reading

Go backpacking

5 Great Excuses Not to Go Backpacking (and Why You Should)

A few weeks ago, the magazine High Country News published an article called “The Death of Backpacking,” and a similar article was published a few days later in Outside magazine. In it, the author explored reasons why people under 40 are rarely, if ever, seen backpacking these days (he very kindly did not just target “millenials”).

It’s not that us young folks don’t like going outdoors; on the contrary, we do lots of outdoor activities and the outdoor industry is doing well. But it’s the style and type of activity young people seek that have changed, according to the author. Continue reading

North Cascades Mountaineering

How to Pee Outdoors

You and your friends are driving to your favorite trailhead. You’re all loud and laughing, yet still  made it out the door on time. You even had time to grab a tall cup of coffee before heading out.

That coffee means that by the time you reach the trailhead, your bladder is right on the edge of discomfort and pain, and you really need to pee. Continue reading