Journey to the North Cascades

Getting Started

Why this blog?

The plan is for this blog to be a resource for individuals who play in the outdoors whenever they can, to engage in discussions about the outdoors both in terms of recreation and activities as well as preserving public land, and to celebrate with other people the joy we get from being happy-tired after a long day (or days) of melding into the sun, rain, and wind.

What will you find on this blog?

You’ll find posts on topics related to outdoor recreation, including gear reviews, book reviews, workouts and how-tos for backpacking, rock climbing, and general outdoor shenanigans pursued by us dedicated weekend warriors. In addition, you’ll also find reflections on how we as humans can relate better to this big world we live in, celebrating our place as part of the whole interconnected network.

Who can connect through this blog?

This blog is for the seriously recreational, the folks who get after it every day, on the weekends, or in their imaginations. If you’re a veteran camper or new to the concept of day hiking, or simply dedicated to the idea of preserving public lands for solitude and playtime for generations to come, you’ll find something to like on this blog.

What’s going to happen on here in the next year?

You never know what life will throw at you. If all goes to plan, though, these are my goals:

  • Publish 300 posts in 365 days (an outdoor blogger does have to get outside on some days, after all!)
  • Develop a consistent and articulate voice showing how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and with joy, and seeking to strike a balance between activity and reflection in these places.
  • Build a community of engaged readers who get after it, whatever “it” may be for them.

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