Dear #vanlife: I don’t want to be a dirtbag


Photo from Pexels.

Dear #vanlife,

I know this isn’t the cool thing. Every day, I see the photos and read the articles where you keep telling me I should quit my soul-sucking office job and move into a tricked-out van/ bus/truck so my spirit can be as free as the eagles flying over Moab’s desert. Especially if I want to be a real Climber.

And if I commit fully to #vanlife, then I can use very authentic hashtags when I post photos of my amazing #vanlife, and humblebrag things like, “Wow, I can’t believe this is REALLY my life! #blessed!” which might worry some followers (‘does she really forget everything at night while she sleeps?’).

But I have to tell you something, #vanlife: I don’t want to be a dirtbag. Continue reading